British Bangladeshi Caterer’s Association has been formed to promote and protect the British Bangladeshi Caterer’s with a united and powerful voice.

It is now a well known fact that the catering trade involving Indian Restaurants started in around 1810 AD. The first restaurant was called “Deen Muhammed Hindustani Coffee House” which was located on 34 George street, Portman Square, London. Since then the catering trade developed and by 1937 the number of restaurants stood at 16. In 1946 the number of Indian restaurants were in the region of 50. Along with the growth of Indian restaurants, a the same time, Bangladeshi origin coffee shops started evolving along with Restaurants. 10 restaurants were by then owned by Bangladeshi owners and out of these 5 alone were owned by a gentleman from Chittagong, Mr Durjati Prashad Chowdhury. In around 1960 this figure was approximately 300, by 1970 it was 1,200, by 1980 it was 3,000 and by the year 2000 this figure reached to 8,000.

At present this trade employs 80,000 people and adds a turnover of over 3 billion to the UK economy.