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Computer Jagat is not just a name but a brand, a historical document. It all started back in May 1991. On the first day of that month, the first issue of Computer Jagat was published and with this, we created history by being the first ICT magazine in Bangladesh in Bangla language. In April 2013, Computer Jagat just crossed 22 years. It is needless to say that in a poor country like Bangladesh publishing a magazine continuously every month and providing readers all the latest ICT news of the country and around the world, is a very difficult task. It is also a source of great pride and joy for us as well. And it is not just us but also other ICT magazine publishers in Bangladesh. They also face the same hardship in this country because the reader-base of ICT magazines is very small. To become successful, you need to set specific goals and then try hard to achieve them. This is true for everyone- individuals, business organizations and even countries. Computer Jagat, since its inception, had a clear idea about what it wants to achieve? How it will achieve those targets? We felt that the self-sufficient Bangladesh, which Late Professor Abdul Kader dreamt of, will be possible only if general people will have access to computer. Our first theme was – “Computer for everybody.” With this theme, Computer Jagat started its ICT movement in Bangladesh. In the first issue of Computer Jagat, the first cover story was titled, “Why people should have computers.” We have taken ICT with utmost importance because ours is a poor nation and in order to become a self-sucient country, there is no alternative to science and technology. As computer is widely used in every discipline of science and technology, it is very important for the students as well as other people to be able to use computer. For this reason, we took the ICT movement with great importance. At the same time, we understood that this movement has to be spread among the masses of Bangladesh. Without their involvement, this movement will be meaningless and for this reason, our rst and only slogan is “Computer for everyone.”

The publication is the ultimate resource for senior decision makers in the government, ICT and online sectors, featuring a compelling mix of industry news, analysis, product showcases, technical installation and commercial implementation profiles. Computer Jagat provides a comprehensive monthly round-up of the latest developments impacting these existing and emerging content delivery sectors. Since 2011, Computer Jagat was arranging e-commerce fairs in major cities in Bangladesh and Europe with a view to popularize ecommerce among the 160 million people of Bangladesh which is surely a great market for any big brands.