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Company brief: Walton is the most popular and leading brand in the local consumer goods industry in Bangladesh. The brand Walton is owned & operated by Walton Group. The principal activities of the organization are designing, manufacturing, exporting & retailing of consumer electrical, electronics, automobiles & home appliances goods. The manufacturing and product designing operations are carried out at Walton Hi-Tech Industries Ltd. and the manufacturing plant is situated at Chandra, Kaliakoir in Gazipur. WHIL is the pioneer and only in manufacturing of multi-staged refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, televisions & automobiles sector in Bangladesh. It is a sister concerns of Walton Group, which is one of the topmost conglomerates of Bangladesh. It has been operating its businesses with great reputation since 1977.

Within a very short time, it has captured substantial market share and has positioned itself at the top of the electronics industry of the country. Due to affordable & competitive prices and in the same time increasing rural electrification, the group’s key products (refrigerators, televisions and mobile phones) are widely accepted as a necessity and are chosen as method of entertainment for the mass people of Bangladesh. Given the product placement (value for money) and wide spread distribution network, it has quickly grabbed the market, controlling about 80 % of the local refrigerator market in terms of unit sales and around 30% market share in the local television industry.

Walton with an aim to meet growing electronics needs of the country has planned to improve its existing technology along with expansion of production capacities. With an aim to expand the business further, WHIL sees high potential in the refrigerator business. Walton has received many international certification and quality maintenance awards along with government and environmental licenses which are ISO 9001: 2008, certificate no. 709452, ISO 14001: 2004, certificate no. 773671, ISO 18001: 2007, certificate no. 690830. In the recent past Walton has achieved two prestigious international awards of Global Brand Excellence Award (Consumers Durables Sectors)-2014 & Golden Globe Tigers Summit Awards (Market Leadership)-2015. Recently Walton has achieved DHL-Daily Star Bangladesh Business Awards (BBA) for 2014 in the category of enterprise of the year.

Walton service management system (service network) is an ISO 9001:2008 standards certificated after sales service network.

Walton is involved with various CSR activities like improvement of skilled workforce all over the country, supporting the economy by improving people’s lifestyle, helping other related industries to grow (distributors), outsourcing helping other industries to grow, participation in various social events, contributed in providing scholarship to the poor & meritorious students, Walton as a group is also involved in the awareness to control road accidents with the slogan “Nirapad Sarak Chai”. In this regard we have already conducted more than 350 (three hundred fifty) awareness programs over the country to aware the mass people about road accident. Walton has sponsored various national & international sports events in domestically and internationally. Different types of social awareness programs are also being sponsored in various satellite TV channels, daily papers, magazine and FM Radio channels etc.

Walton pursues its 21st century’s vision of becoming a true universal digital brand through innovative design, latest technology and maximum customer’s satisfaction level. Walton sets its vision to take a place among the top most electrical, electronics, automobiles, home and telecommunications organization in the world by 2020. Presently the Walton brand products hold a significant level volume of share in local market and are also exported to different countries of the world.

Our mission and vision is to lead through innovation, technology and product that inspire the consumers with aspiration for creating a better world full of digital experiences. Walton wants to be recognized as a global leader delivering products with pride in this industry through excellence. Walton will continue to build on top of its achievements with new technology and expertise to further its competitiveness and prove that “Made in Bangladesh” is the mark of ultimate confidence. At Walton, we want to create a future that is exciting and promising for everyone.