Ministery of ICT    Bangladesh High Commission, London      Computer Jagat

Goals & Objectives


  1. Providing the e-Commerce organizations of Bangladesh and abroad, an opportunity to showcase their products and services.
  2. Bringing together all the organizations, both public and private sector, together and solve different issues that are crucial for the growth of e-Commerce in Bangladesh.
  3. At the same time, the companies will be able to communicate with potential customers and understand their needs and problems.
  4. Raising awareness among people about e-Commerce in Bangladesh.
  5. Organizing seminars that will cover various aspects, remaining obstacles and possibilities of e-Commerce in Bangladesh.


Creating Awareness:

To create nationwide awareness among the mass about e-Commerce and its prospects.

Exploring Opportunities:

To make our people known about the opportunities that might be created through extending the use of e-Commerce services and products.

Sharing Opinions:

To share different opinions of different quarters to explore the prospects of e-Commerce.

Breaking Barriers:

To break and to transcend different barriers of utilizing e-Commerce.

Enhancing Innovation:

To encourage investment initiatives for enhancing innovation in the field of e-Commerce.

Connecting Stakeholders:

To ensure the connection among the stakeholders so that they may have easy access to their e-Commerce related entrepreneurship.

Showcasing e-Commerce:

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