October 29, 2015 – Bangladesh’s multi-billion Taka retail industry is about to get a boost. An e-commerce boost, to be precise.
The 2nd ‘UK-Bangladesh e-Commerce Fair 2015’, a dedicated exhibition focusing on ecommerce technology that is taking place in London from 13 to 14 November 2015 at the Water Lily Venues. It is jointly organised by the Information and Communication Technology Division (ICTD), Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority (BHTPA) and the Computer Jagat, the country’s prominent news-monthly promoting education and technology for the ICT and e-commerce industry.
With the aptly chosen theme ‘Digital Bangladesh: A World of Opportunities’, the event has all the official blessings from the government of Bangladesh as more than two cabinet ministers as well as a dozen of highly placed top officials will fly from Bangladesh to make the event a great success. Export Promotion Bureau of Bangladesh, EPB, is joining the event as the official supporter while NRB Bank is sponsoring the show as the platinum sponsor.
‘UK-Bangladesh e-Commerce Fair 2015’ aims to bring together the entire e-commerce services and stakeholders from both countries under one platform. With more than 50 companies participatingrepresenting players from every part of the e-Commerce ecosystem. E-Commerce Fair 2015 will be Bangladesh’s largest display of services and technology in London under one roof.More than 5,000 industry professionals and members of public are expected to attend to see and experience the latest innovations on display.
The High Commissioner of Bangladesh to UK H.E. Abdul Hannan said, ‘The e-commerce sector in Bangladesh, like the broader economy, is poised for the possibility of unprecedented growth. Online generation of retail transactions would increase consumption, decrease consumer prices, improve market access for small- and medium-sized companies, and create jobs across a range of professional fields’.

Show Founder and organiser AW Tomal says”We have seen unprecedented growth in the e-commerce sector in Bangladesh during the last three years and we are delighted to be presenting this year’s e-commerce Fair & Conference in London where our visitors and delegates can be assured of a truly memorable and welcoming experience.”
The event will provide tremendous opportunities for the companies participating to enhance their brand value by displaying their services and products. e-Commerce Fair 2015 will provide a platform to all the conference attendees, exhibition visitors and other participants to discuss, deliberate and explore new business opportunities in the e-Commerce field and digital transformation. The visitors will be able to meet leading service providers that can help grow their business.
There will be a fantastic programme of seminars plus Awards and Gala Dinner making e-commerce Fair 2015 an environment in which to discuss and see all of the latest innovations in digital, ecommerce and payment and a superb networking environment as well.
The seminars are as follows
Seminar 1:The future of Digital Innovation

Seminar 2: Electronic Payments: the trigger for spreading e-Commerce in Bangladesh

Seminar 3: Focusing on Electronic Delivery Channels

Seminar 4: Bangladesh: The Right IT/ITES Investment Destination

Seminar 5: Investing in Bangladesh: The next emerging destination for e-Commerce in Asia

Seminar 6: Exporting in the Digital Age: Helping Bangladeshi companies to succeed globally

Seminar 7: ICT in Education Innovations: Lessons learnt from Bangladesh

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About UK-Bangladesh e-Commerce Fair
Held every two years in collaboration with the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, UK-Bangladesh e-Commerce Fair is the digital Bangladesh’s premier showcase of e-commerce technology, products and services. More than 5,000 industry professionals and members of public are expected to attend to see and experience the latest innovations on display by the 50+ e-commerce exhibitors. Additional information about UK-Bangladesh e-Commerce Fair is available online at www.e-commercefair.com

The event is being organised jointly by ICT Division, Bangladesh Hi-tech Park Authority and the leading Bangladeshi ICT-magazine Computer Jagat, a leading Bangladeshi ICT-magazine Computer Jagat
Bangladesh Bank, FBCCI, DCCI, BASIS, BACCO, E-CAB, TECHSHED, TelecomAsia, Dhanshiri Communications, UKBCCI, BBCC, BCA, BBCA
About ICT Division:
The ICT Division is a governmental division in Bangladesh with the responsibility for e-Development of Bangladesh as the engine for transition into a developed nation and an empowered society. Its aim is the e-Development of Bangladesh through multi-pronged strategy of e-infrastructure creation to facilitate and promote e- governance, promotion of Electronics & Information Technology – Information Technology Enabled Services (IT-ITeS) Industry, enabling creation of Innovation/Research & Development (R&D) infrastructure in ICT&E, building Knowledge network and securing Bangladesh’s cyber space.

The Objectives of this newly created division are:

• e-Government: Providing e-infrastructure for delivery of e-services
• e-Industry: Promotion of electronics hardware manufacturing and IT-ITeS industry
• e-Innovation/R&D: Enabling creation of Innovation /R&D Infrastructure in emerging areas of ICT&E
• e-Learning: Providing support for development of e-Skills and Knowledge network
• e-Security: Securing Bangladesh’s cyber space
• e-Inclusion: Promoting the use of ICT for more inclusive growth
• Internet Governance: Enhancing Bangladesh’s role in Global Platforms of Internet Governance.

It has got few subordinate organisations including: Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC); Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA, overseer of digital signature projects under the Digital Bangladesh programme); and the Bangladesh Hi-tech Park Authority (BHTPA).

About Bangladesh Hi-tech Park Authority
Bangladesh Hi-tech Park Authority (BHTPA) is a government agency in Bangladesh dedicated to establish, manage and operate technology business parks throughout the country.

Mission & Objectives
• The underlying mission and vision of Bangladesh hi- tech park are-
• To establish a world class business environment for targeted high growth industrial sector and new business
• To develop indigenous technological capability for the development of the local industries
• To enter into foreign markets by exporting state of the art technology products
• Infrastructure to facilitate hassle-free industrial operation with necessary support
• BHTPA is now implementing the projects including the Kaliakoir Hi-tech Park and Jessore Software Tehnology Park. Planned projects inlcude Mahakhali IT Village, Barendra Silicon City and Sylhet Electronic City.

About Computer Jagat
Computer Jagat is the leading Bangladeshi ICT-magazine with a high readership for the last two decades since 1991. It gives a thorough insight on the latest in IT and communications technology and highlights the latest moves in the fast paced world of ICT. Computer Jagat is dedicated to the interests of its readership in Bangladesh and the non-resident Bangladeshis living in Europe and America. The magazine covers every aspect of ICT and related equipment, products, services and usage in those regions, with a particular emphasis on the provision of cost-effective solutions to problems encountered by users and service providers.

The publication is the ultimate resource for senior decision makers in the Bangladesh government, ICT and online sectors, featuring a compelling mix of industry news, analysis, product showcases, technical installation and commercial implementation profiles. Computer Jagat provides a comprehensive monthly round-up of the latest developments impacting these existing and emerging content delivery sectors. Since 2011, Computer Jagat was arranging e-commerce fairs in major cities in Bangladesh and Europe with a view to popularize ecommerce among the 160 million people of Bangladesh which is surely a great market for any big brands.

About NRB Bank, Platinum Sponsor
NRB Bank is one of the fourth generation private sector banks to have begun operations in 2013, where local meet global. Bringing together a passionate and entrepreneurial group of NRB investors from all over the world, NRB Bank aims to be the leading dedicated financial institution for NRB’s to invest in Bangladesh and for Bangladeshi individuals and corporate to access international market.

NRB Bank offering Corporate, SME, Retail banking, NRB and Premium banking to meet the needs of a broad customer base. With a mission on building long term commitment with our clients, NRB Bank will be providing the right solutions that combine professionalism, expertise and financial strength, and aims to be the preferred provider of financial services. We demonstrate our bank with the motto “Not just another Bank” through our Values Dynamic, Innovative, Global, Integrity and Techno- Centric to create distinct financial Bank locally and internationally.

About IOF (IGW Operators Forum), Silver Sponsor
IOF (IGW Operators Forum) is a trade association approved by Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) dedicated to representing and furthering the collective interests of International Gateway Operators in Bangladesh. Since it’s inception in 2014, IOF acts as an enabler for IGW operator community by striving to bringing stability within the international call termination sector through policy advocacy to the government, liaising with various stakeholders ranging from mobile operators to various law & regulatory authorities to help eradicate illegal call termination and thereby fostering a level playing field and a self-regulatory environment for its members.

At present 28 companies are the members of the Forum. Out of those 22 companies are operative now. Bangladesh is a country where approximately 90-100 million minutes of international incoming calls are being terminated legally everyday. The most call originating countries are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Malaysia, USA, Canada, Singapore, Australia etc.

Telecommunication sector is now the third largest foreign exchange earner in the country. At present foreign exchange earnings from this sector is about USD 600/700 million annually. A large amount of grey transactions in the form of illegal VOIP occur in the country. Government of Bangladesh has taken various steps to curb the illegal call terminations. IOF has joined hands with the government in its efforts to minimize the illegal VOIP call termination.


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