The event is being organised jointly by e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) and the leading Bangladeshi ICT-magazine Computer Jagat

About e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh(e-CAB) :

The e-CAB is the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh playing a pivotal role in consultative and advisory capacity, safeguarding the interest of country’s e-Commerce entrepreneurs. With a mission to, the Association set out its journey with a broader mission to provide an advanced shape of Bangladesh’s e-Commerce sector with the contemporary digital world. Since the outset, e-CAB started playing a significant role in the all-out development of e-Commerce sector. The Association has already taken up issues with the Government of Bangladesh related to formulation of a suitable National e-Commerce Policy of Bangladesh, which is under due process.

The e-CAB basically coordinates and promotes the common interests of its members, aids and stimulates investment opportunities in Bangladesh, assists the government and the e-Commerce entrepreneurs in organizing promotional events such as workshops, seminars, conferences, summits, e-Commerce fairs and so on both in different parts of Bangladesh and in abroad, conducts study, collects & analyses data and undertakes research for promotion and ultimate growth of e-Commerce sector in the country as well as in the global arena and disseminates relevant statistical inputs and other information to the government and its stakeholders and generates outcome-bound efforts for the spread of e-Commerce activities in the country.

This Association also forges strong bilateral ties between and among different countries of the world through counterpart organizations for commercial and economic cooperation, helps promote Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) including Joint Ventures in Bangladesh, identifies appropriate partners and maintains close relation with overseas e-Commerce associations including related economic organizations and recommends the government to renew its policy/ decisions as emerged through contemporary changes and trends of global e-Commerce sector.

About Computer Jagat

Computer Jagat is the leading Bangladeshi ICT-magazine with a high readership for the last two decades. It gives a thorough insight on the latest in IT and communications technology and highlights the latest moves in the fast paced world of ICT. Computer Jagat is dedicated to the interests of its readership in Bangladesh and the non-resident Bangladeshis living in Europe and America. The magazine covers every aspect of ICT and related equipment, products, services and usage in those regions, with a particular emphasis on the provision of cost-effective solutions to problems encountered by users and service providers.

The publication is the ultimate resource for senior decision makers in the government, ICT and online sectors, featuring a compelling mix of industry news, analysis, product showcases, technical installation and commercial implementation profiles. Computer Jagat provides a comprehensive monthly round-up of the latest developments impacting these existing and emerging content delivery sectors. Since 2011, Computer Jagat was arranging e-commerce fairs in major cities in Bangladesh and Europe with a view to popularize ecommerce among the 160 million people of Bangladesh which is surely a great market for any big brands.